If you've come here for literacy games for dyslexics and others, you've come to the right place...

For the first time since we started out in December 1993, we are taking a break. We will be back on the 1st of September, ready to process orders.

At GAMZ, we have a simple outlook on life: A relaxed mind is an open mind; an open mind is a learning mind. HAVE FUN, RELAX AND LEARN!

Originally developed with dyslexics for dyslexics, our products have gained a much broader appeal. They are used widely to develop reading, spelling and other skills.
Don't let the superficial simplicity of our SWAP and FIX and other games fool you. They are 'lots of fun' on the surface but they are also powerful, subliminal learning aids.
Our products are designed to appeal to all ages (5 to adult) and we are confident that they will reach places other products do not reach.
Demonstrations of our software and free resources.
We are sorry (to say the very least!) but, due to complications with incompatibility with the Microsoft Vista® operating system, all GAMZ software has had to be withdrawn.

The performance of GAMZ software with earlier Microsoft® operating systems is unaffected. If in doubt, please contact GAMZ .

Upgrades for existing products have been retained along with the GAMZ fonts resource.

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