If you've come here for literacy games for dyslexics and others, you've
come to the right place...

At GAMZ, we have a simple outlook on life: A relaxed mind is an open mind; an open mind is a learning mind. HAVE FUN, RELAX AND LEARN!

Originally developed with dyslexics for dyslexics, our products have gained a much broader appeal. They are used widely to develop reading, spelling and other skills in the age range 5 to adult.
Don't let the superficial simplicity of our SWAP and FIX games fool you. They are 'lots of fun' on the surface but they are also powerful, subliminal learning aids.
There are 6 different sets of games.
Each set has 7 different games.
The games may be purchased individually or in sets.
Any one set costs 22 + VAT
Any one game costs 4 + VAT


Used or Approved by:


Dyslexia Action


Learning Support Teams throughout the UK 


Special Needs Depts 

 - Primary and

Secondary Schools


Adult Education


Parents at home


Speech Therapists


Dyslexia Tutors


Dyslexia Workshops


Beanstalk(Volunteer Reading Help)


HM Prison Service

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