If you've come here for literacy games for dyslexics and others, you've come to the right place...


GAMZ was set up in 1993 by Bobbie Hill, while working with dyslexic learners. The games were developed with her pupils over a period of 10 years. She realised the need for simple, professionally produced learning aids. They had to be fast to set up, and quick and meaningful to play. They had to appeal to children and adults alike. She knows that teachers and parents need such resources and often do not have the time or the availability of economic printing facilities to produce them.


Quality of manufacture was important. A 'home-made' feel often engenders a negative response - particularly from children.



Simplicity was also essential. You may yourselves have had to rewrite the rules of a game in order to make it playable within the given time! The ease and interest of play of SWAP and FIX, with a strong competitive element levelled by chance, fitted her needs. She thinks they will also fit yours ...


The aim of GAMZ is to supply you with these professionally produced resources that we know you need. With SWAP and FIX you can be sure of a tried and tested formula from a supplier who has the success of her products' application as her prime concern. We are particularly proud of those occasions on which our products have inspired students where other methods failed.

As an aside, the name of the business, GAMZ (pronounced games), was chosen by dyslexic children with a sense of humour!




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