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There are 35 different SWAP games (5 sets) and 7 different FIX games (1 set).

These pages outline the contents of all the SWAP and FIX boxed card games. If you want to see the games described in more detail (the actual words used) click on More Detail.

Set 2 SWAP

More Detail on Set 2

Game 8

or, aw, au, oor, our

(Sound or)

or includes final ore words. Common homophones included. war words from Game 9 can be used.
Qty: 4.00

Game 9

wa, wor, war, -ward

(w Rules)

-ward ending included to highlight its shwa sound.
Qty: 4.00

Game 10

Silent letters

t, h, b, k, w

Enables player to see highlighted silent letter while vocalising to aid spelling recall. e.g. wrong
Qty: 4.00

Game 11

-y, -uy, -ie, i_e, igh

(Long i)

Can be used to emphasise final long i spellings only. ite & ight words reinforce ight as more common spelling. i_e from Game 4 gives additional words.
Qty: 4.00

Game 12

oo, ew, ue, ui, ou

(Long u)

ue family includes 1 syllable & 1 syllable+ words to accommodate different spelling stages. u_e words in Game 4 designed to be used with this pack.
Qty: 4.00

Game 13

-er, -ar, -or, -our

(Final er)

Opportunities for vocalising ending as spelt. e.g. actor, popular. our family emphasises predominance of abstract nouns.
Qty: 4.00

Game 14

-tion, -cian, -ssion, -sion, -shion


-tion includes i) long vowel, ii) short vowel + consonant, iii) short i - spelling can be taught in stages.
Qty: 4.00