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There are 35 different SWAP games (5 sets) and 7 different FIX games (1 set).

These pages outline the contents of all the SWAP and FIX boxed card games. If you want to see the games described in more detail (the actual words used) click on More Detail.

Set 3 FIX

More Detail on Set 3

For the development of prefixing and suffixing skills in reading and spelling. In Games 1, 2, 3 and 4, use of common suffixes and the repetition of root words aims to generalise and simplify the spelling rules.

Note: FIX is played by the same rules as SWAP. It is essentially the same game as SWAP, but we named it FIX to highlight the fact that the FIX games deal with prefixes and suffixes.

Game 1 

-ed, -er, -est, -ing, -ly

(Simple Suffix)

An introduction to suffixing where the root word remains unchanged.
Qty: 4.00

Game 2 

-ed, -est, -ing, -ly, -y

(e Rule)

Perhaps the most straightforward of the 3 basic suffixing rules. The retained e with a consonant suffix is highlighted, while dropped e with a vowel suffix is shown pictorially.
Qty: 4.00

Game 3

-ed, -er, -ing, -y

(Doubling Rule)

Pairs of words, e.g. hopping/hoping, to encourage learner to look and listen for double consonant and short vowel. Pelmanism can be played with these cards.
Qty: 4.00

Game 4

-ed, -er, -ing, -ly

(y Rule)

Perhaps the most difficult suffixing rule since it requires examination of root word and suffix. i taking the place of y is shown pictorially as the general rule, and y is highlighted where retained (vowel before y or ing suffix).
Qty: 4.00

Game 5

al-, -ful, -til, -less, -ness

"Drop the l, keep the s,"
"Then you won't get in a mess."
Qty: 4.00

Game 6

de-, dis-, ex-, mis-, per-

A miscellany of prefixes which tend to give rise to spelling errors. e.g. ex ( not s ) and mis-, dis- (one s)
Qty: 4.00

Game 7

trans-, sub-, uni-, bi-, tri-

Prefixes which give obvious meanings to words.
Qty: 4.00