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There are 35 different SWAP games (5 sets) and 7 different FIX games (1 set).

These pages outline the contents of all the SWAP and FIX boxed card games. If you want to see the games described in more detail (the actual words used) click on More Detail.

Set 4 SWAP

More Detail on Set 4

Game 15 

and, -ent, -ing, -ink, -ump

(End Blends)

One syllable, short vowel words with the emphasis on rhyming.
Qty: 4.00

Game 16

-all, -old, -ace, -ice -age

(Whole Word Endings)

One syllable, rhyming words. Introduction to soft c (ce) and soft g (ge). Never j at the end of a word.
Qty: 4.00

Game 17

-ch & -tch, 
-ge & -dge

One syllable words - tch and dge follow short vowels. Silent t and d are highlighted to aid spelling recall. Further development of soft g (ge) vocabulary.
Qty: 4.00

Game 18

ca, ce, ci, co, cu, cy

(hard/soft c)

Primarily a reading game to identify vowels which soften c, (e, i, y).
Qty: 4.00

Game 19

ga, ge, gi, go, gu, gy

(hard/soft g)

Identifies vowels which soften g, (e, i, y). ge includes -age ending (e.g. village). gu includes silent u (e.g. guess, vague).
Qty: 4.00

Game 20

oi & oy, 
ou & ow

Pairs of vowel digraphs - showing that oi and ou never occur at the end of a word.
Qty: 4.00

Game 21

ea, ie, ou, -ey

(head, thief, touch, valley)

Awkward vowel groups. High frequency reading and spelling words. -ey noun cluster (otherwise for long e sound at the end of a word use y).
Qty: 4.00