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There are 35 different SWAP games (5 sets) and 7 different FIX games (1 set).

These pages outline the contents of all the SWAP and FIX boxed card games. If you want to see the games described in more detail (the actual words used) click on More Detail.

Set 6 SWAP

More Detail on Set 6

Game 29 

Greek ch, ph, 
qu, aught


Mainly multisyllabic words.
Qty: 4.00

Game 30

-ble, -dle, -fle, -ple, -tle  


Two syllable words, highlighting need for double consonant after short vowel with le ending. e.g. apple, middle.
Qty: 4.00

Game 31

-age, -ic,
-sion, -ture

Endings - multisyllabic words. e.g. village, music, vision, picture.
Qty: 4.00

Game 32

-al, -el,
-able, -ible

Endings - multisyllabic words. -al and -el include common exceptions to le ending. e.g. animal, travel.
Qty: 4.00

Game 33

-ous, -ious, -cious,
-cial, -cient

Endings - multisyllabic words.
Qty: 4.00

Game 34

-ant, -ance,
-ent, -ence

Endings - multisyllabic words, linking -ant & -ance and -ent & -ence.
Qty: 4.00

Game 35

-ate, -ine,
-ite, -ive

Endings - multisyllabic words, where final e is silent and not lengthening. e.g. climate, engine, opposite, positive.
Qty: 4.00